Miss Mary Community Delevopement

A Hunters' Adventure

Providing personal foot care for the elderly, disabled and housebound. Rising spirits, providing comfort and company.

My Mission:
Is to assist men and women in their time of need to achieve a feeling of independence and safety while experiencing foot care or attending a social activity, whether in the home or the community.

Amazon Smiles

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Start by copying "Miss Mary Community Development" then go to click this link http://smile.amazon.com. Next, paste "Miss Mary Community Development" in the blank for "Support this Charity". Then, shop as you normally would.

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Could You or Someone You Love Use My Services?

  1. Do you have a disability which limits you or know someone that does?
  2. Do you/they have trouble bending over or reaching your/their feet?
  3. Are your/their nails getting long, beat-up and harder to manage?
  4. Are your/their heels feeling and looking rough and dry?

If you by any of the above questions, I Can Help

Marian Sanders, CNA, MA
Foot Care Specialist - 360-908-8536

Call Us Today for a In-Home Foot Soak,
Massage and Nail Clipping.

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